General trash removal:

$150.00 minimum for general removal, $75 minimum for an appliance. $30 per cubic yard.* One truckload (about 14 cubic yards) $425. Additional truckloads discounted.

Appliance removal:
$75 for the first appliance, $50 each after that. Please note that appliances containing Freon incur a $25 fee for safely (and legally) recycling the Freon.

Piano disposal:

Pianos can be dismantled and the materials can be recycled. Prices start at $350.00.

Hot Tub removal:

$300 and up depending upon disconnection from electric and water, removing frame-works, etc.

Shed removal:

$250 and up, depending on size of the shed, power connections, whether there is a pad to be removed, etc.

Carpet removal and hauling:

$3 per square yard with a minimum of $125.00.

Concrete removal:
$8 per square foot with a $425.00 minimum if we break it up. If it is already broken up we charge $425.00 per load. A load is 12' x 8' x 1' deep.

Tile removal:
$1 per squre foot with a $250.00 minimum.

We Remove
  • Furniture
  • Trash
  • Yard debris
  • Hot tubs
  • Swing sets and playscapes
  • Sheds and outbuildings
  • Scrap Metal
  • And more!




Price Comparisons
If you have: Burly Guys Pricing:
National Franchise charges: The Bagster costs:
One Truckload (14 cu. yd.) $425.00 $558.00 $565.00 (5 bags)
Half Truckload (7 cu. yd.) $225.00 $391.00 $238.00 (2 bags)
Half Truckload (7 cu. yd.) $150.00 $262.00 $129.00
  We do all work and cleanup. They do all work and cleanup. You do all work &cleanup.
Call (248) 224-2188 or (813) 398-8003 for more specific pricing questions.

All pricing is for work done within ten miles of Waterford Michigan or Sarasota Florida. There may be additional charges based on distance or accessibility, or for exceedingly heavy, dense or wet loads.

If you see illegal dumping taking place, snap a photo with your cell phone (preferably getting the license plate number) and call your local police. Help keep our environment clean!
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